Orchid Cruises Itineraries

As the pioneer and leading cruise to ever design an itinerary throughout Halong- Lan Ha Bay, Orchid Cruises guarantee to bring you to an amazing special journey, featuring mentionable highlights of this beautiful wild route.  

Orchid Cruises bring the charm and the grace of orchids into one elegant world.Joining with us, you will absolutely have a chance to discover the untouched area - less travelled route of Halong bay. Believing that “5-star” has various shapes, Orchid Premium Cruise has strived to perfect our luxury line for fresh experiences in Halong Bay, with an upgraded level of  cruising services. Offering only 05 Suites, Orchid Premium Cruise's crew members will absolutely be eager to provide you with the finest & most personalized service. 

Like an orchid that has a long-lasting bloom, Orchid Cruises still preserves its elegant color and sweet fragrance as on the first day. As Leonardo Da Vinci said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, Orchid Cruises aims to bring the ultimate elegance from simplicity. It comes from simple chic design of the wooden furniture, fine black and white pictures to every delicate detail in the boat. 

Cabins & Suites

Terrace Suite With Balcony Terrace Suite With Balcony

Featuring private balconies and a bathtub in each Suite which brings in a full spectrum of Halong Bay - Lan Ha Bay, Orchid Premium Cruise guarantees the best cruising experience from your very own cabin.

DETAILS $590.00 per night
Family Terrace Suite With Balcony Family Terrace Suite With Balcony

Family Terrace Suite combines 01 Double Suite and 01 Twin Suite and has a connecting door in between.

DETAILS $1200.00 per night
Premium Terrace Suite With Balcony Premium Terrace Suite With Balcony

Situated on the second floor with the most beautiful ocean set high on the ship for a spanning panorama view of Ha Long Bay – Lan Ha Bay

DETAILS $640.00 per night
Family Premium Terrace Suite With Balcony Family Premium Terrace Suite With Balcony

Located on the second floor of the cruise, the cabin is designed in between and connected two Premium Terrace Suite cabins, with an area of up to 96 square meters.

DETAILS $1300.00 per night
Orchid Premium Exclusive Suite Orchid Premium Exclusive Suite

Located in the most beautiful location on the second floor of the cruise, with an area of up to 65 square metres, our Orchid Premium Exclusive Suite is the most beautiful and luxurious room of the Orchid Premium Cruise.

DETAILS $835.00 per night

What our customers say

Reviews from our clients on TripAdvisor


Meghan wrote a review Mar 2020

The whole trip is very well organised, the food was delicious and plentiful with fantastic vegetarian/vegan options too. The rooms are beautiful and large with breathtaking views throughout the journey...

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Holiday Cruise!

Forrest A wrote a review Mar 2020

From someone who has worked in hospitality in the past these men really know how to make you feel special and are amazing at what they do. They have outstanding knowledge on the history and culture...

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The best cruise in Halong Bay!

Maxwell S wrote a review Mar 2020

There are only 5 cabins on this cruise, all of them high end, so the cruise does not feel crowded at all. All of the rooms have great balconies that are large enough for 4 people to be outside...

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